Boil water advisory issued for North Battleford, Sask.

NORTH BATTLEFORD, Sask. – A boil water advisory has been issued for North Battleford, Sask. A city-wide precautionary drinking water advisory (PDWA) was issued following an operations failure at the water treatment plant.

According to officials, partially treated water bypassed one of the treatment processes and flowed into the treated water reservoir of the surface water plant.

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The water quality alarm at the water surface plant sounded six minutes later and the plant was shut down. They say the incident, which happened Tuesday, occurred due to an operational error.

In a release, officials say an evaluation of the situation indicate “that in all likelihood the partially treated water remained within the water treatment plant.”

Crews are flushing the water main closest to the surface water treatment plant “as an additional precaution to reduce the risk in the event water had somehow escaped the plant before shutdown.”

Officials say water should be boiled for at least one minute at a rolling boil before consumption or for other purposes including brushing teeth, washing fruits and vegetables or making ice cubes.

They also say no one should drink from public fountains supplied with water from the public water supply.

Under most circumstances, water does not need to be boiled for other household purposes. Adults, teens and older children can still shower or bathe using tap water, but should avoid swallowing the water. Younger children and infants should be sponge-bathed.

The PDWA will remain in place until further notice.

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The last time there was a city-wide boil water order in North Battleford was in 2001 when Cryptosporidium parvum was detected in the system.

Between six- and seven-thousand people became ill after consuming water but no fatalities were reported.


3 British Navy sailors charged in alleged gang rape can return home to U.K.

WATCH ABOVE: Three of four British Navy sailors charged in connection with an alleged gang rape in our region are looking to go home. After two days of testimony from several witnesses, a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge has made a decision. Global’s Natasha Pace reports.

HALIFAX  – Three of four British Navy sailors charged in connection with an alleged gang rape are being allowed to return home pending their trial.

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The four accused are Simon Radford, Joshua Finbow, Craig Stoner and Darren Smalley. The men were in Nova Scotia as part of a hockey tournament in April. It’s alleged they committed a group sexual assault against a young woman in the military barracks at CFB Shearwater.

All four were granted bail earlier this year, and have been staying with a British military training group at CFB Suffield in Alberta.

Joshua Finbow, Simon Radford and Craig Stoner then asked the court for changes to their bail terms to allow them to return to the United Kingdom. The fourth accused, Darren Smalley, did not ask to change his conditions and remains in Alberta.

Wednesday afternoon, a Nova Scotia Supreme Court judge decided Finbow, Radford and Stoner could vary their conditions and return to the UK.

Justice Josh Arnold told the sailors they must abide by a number of terms, including providing $10,000 cash bail each, staying away from the alleged victim and surrendering their passports to the British Royal Navy when they return to the United Kingdom. The British Royal Navy has stipulated in court that they will not deploy the men until June 2017, unless their court appearances conclude sooner.

The three must also report each Friday by phone to Dartmouth Provincial Court and be in Canada a minimum of five days before their next scheduled court appearance.

Scott Morrison, the Crown Attorney handling the case, said he was concerned about the men being a flight risk, but the extra conditions the court imposed provides more reassurance.

“The court has put together a bail plan that is far more restrictive and specific then what was proposed, at the end of the day if the court is satisfied this will bring these men back to court, then the crown is equally satisfied,” Morrison said following the bail decision.

Morrison said he was also concerned about what would happen if the men were to leave the United Kingdom or be deployed. “I think the unique situation that could shape up here is if these men had ever been deployed, jurisdiction would have been a very difficult issue to resolve, so as long as they remain in the United Kingdom, Canada has a good relationship with the United Kingdom, and at this point we’ve had good cooperation so there’s nothing to lead us to conclude that wouldn’t continue,” said Morrison.


Top 10 worst intersections for collisions in Winnipeg: MPI

WINNIPEG — More than 9,000 collisions happened over the last five years at the city’s top 10 collision prone intersections.

According to MPI, 9,058 collisions took place between 2010 and the end of 2014. That equals out to nearly five collisions a day.

Map showing top 10 intersections for collisions in Winnipeg, click dots for details:

More than a quarter of these collisions, 2,401 or 27 per cent, happened on Bishop Grandin, some resulting in fatalities. Bishop Grandin is a part of number 5, 6 and 8 on the top ten list.

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Two young women were killed and three others were injured, two critically after a 17-year-old female ran a red light at Bishop Grandin and St. Mary’s Road in 2010. A 17-year-old female entered guilty pleas to two counts of criminal negligence causing death and two counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm while impaired driving charges were dropped.

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Two 11-year-old girls were struck and seriously hurt while walking to school at Bishop Grandin and St. Anne’s Road in 2013.

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Another 25 per cent or 2,226 of the crashes happened on Kenaston Boulevard. The intersections to watch out for on Kenaston are McGillvray Boulevard coming in at number 2, and Grant Avenue following at number 3.

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Top 10 list: 2010-2014

    Leila Avenue and McPhilips Street1,319Kenaston Boulevard and McGillvray Boulevard1,265Grant Avenue and Kenaston Boulevard961Lagimodiere Boulevard and Regent Avenue W956Bishop Grandin Boulevard and St. Mary’s Road876Bishop Grandin Boulevard and St. Anne’s Road806Archibald Street and Marion Street763Bishop Grandin Boulevard and Waverley Street719Portage Avenue and St James Street701Portage Avenue and Moray Street692


Seven portables destroyed in south Edmonton school fire

WATCH ABOVE: Parents, students and teachers stopped by École Frère Antoine Wednesday to check out the damage caused by a fire Tuesday afternoon. Fletcher Kent has the details. 

EDMONTON — Fire crews continue to investigate what caused a south Edmonton elementary school to catch fire Tuesday afternoon.

Fire crews were called to École Frère Antoine, located in the area of 28 Avenue and Mill Woods Road, around 4 p.m. Tuesday.

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While the cause is still not known, the fire broke out in the school’s portables. A spokesperson with Edmonton Catholic Schools said Wednesday morning school officials have not yet been able to get into the main school building to assess the damage, but several portables will have to be replaced.

“What we do know this morning is that we will have to replace seven of the modular classrooms,” said Lori Nagy.

“We found out that the roof that was being repaired on one of the portables is not the portable where the fire started, so that has been ruled out as a possible cause.”

Nagy said the education minister has already reached out to offer support and said he will expedite the delivery of seven modular classrooms.

Nagy said the school district is working on a plan, which may include using the gym or library as temporary classrooms. Sending students to another school is also a possibility, but Nagy said they won’t have a concrete plan in place until they can get inside the school to assess the damage.

Several parents and teacher stopped by the site to check out the damage Wednesday and said it’s about much more than just the physical structures.

“When I saw it this morning it was pretty heartbreaking,” said Nicole St. Jean, a teacher at the school.

“This is a French Immersion school and it’s extremely difficult to find appropriate resources for the students, so a lot of the teachers spend a lot of their own personal money and time creating resources by hand, on the computer, just so that it’ll fit into their classroom environment.”

Dally Songa said her daughter, who is going into Grade 3 in the fall, was crying when they walked past the school Wednesday morning.

“My daughter, she’s very excited to start Grade 3 but I don’t know what will happen. It’s so sad.”

Fellow parent Jennifer Kojder said it’s tough not knowing what will happen, but hopes the students will be able to stay together.

“We’re a very close-knit school community and I think as parents and teachers we’ll all work together to do whatever we can to keep the kids together… Wherever it may be.”

Nagy said school officials should be able to go inside late Thursday or early Friday. Each portable that was lost was worth about $500,000. The portables were used for Grade 1 and 2 classes.

Updates on the school will be posted to Frère Antoine’s website. Nagy said they hope to have a plan in place by early next week.

A local group has started collecting items for the teachers. You can visit the group on Facebook.

WATCH: Edmonton Catholic Schools comments on fire at École Frère Antoine

A fire at École Frère Antoine, located in the area of 28 Avenue and Mill Woods Road, Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

Global News

A fire at École Frère Antoine, located in the area of 28 Avenue and Mill Woods Road, Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

Global News

A fire at École Frère Antoine, located in the area of 28 Avenue and Mill Woods Road, Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

Global News

A fire at École Frère Antoine, located in the area of 28 Avenue and Mill Woods Road, Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

Global News

A fire at École Frère Antoine, located in the area of 28 Avenue and Mill Woods Road, Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

Global News

A fire at École Frère Antoine, located in the area of 28 Avenue and Mill Woods Road, Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

Global News

A fire at École Frère Antoine, located in the area of 28 Avenue and Mill Woods Road, Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

Cliff Harris, Global News

Damage at École Frère Antoine Wednesday August 12, 2015 one day after a fire.

Craig Ryan, Global News

Damage at École Frère Antoine Wednesday August 12, 2015 one day after a fire.

Craig Ryan, Global News

Damage at École Frère Antoine Wednesday August 12, 2015 one day after a fire.

Craig Ryan, Global News

Damage at École Frère Antoine Wednesday August 12, 2015 one day after a fire.

Craig Ryan, Global News

 *Editor’s Note: This story was originally published on Tuesday, August 11, 2015. It was updated at 11:40 a.m. Wednesday.


Dog in distress? Nope. It’s just living in a parked van

EDMONTON — City officials say they can do nothing about a dog that has been living in a van in Edmonton for weeks because the animal is not in distress.

The city, police service, fire department and humane society have been flooded with calls about the golden retriever in a Ford Windstar van regularly parked behind a car wash on Jasper Avenue and 116th Street.

The Edmonton Humane Society said it discourages pet owners from leaving dogs in vehicles, but unless its officers see a dog in immediate distress, there’s nothing they can do.

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Mayor Don Iveson said “this is not a desirable situation” for the dog, and the city is working with the society, which is responsible for enforcement of the Animal Protection Act, to find a resolution.

“The Mayor’s Office has spoken with Animal Control department and they advise that the windows are open providing fresh air for the dog and that it is well and not in distress,” Iveson said in a Facebook post. “Thank you for your concerns and input.”

There are more than 5,000 signatures on a change杭州丝足 petition calling on the mayor and police to do more.

Deanna Kubbernus said she has known about the dog since July 24, and started the petition on Monday after repeated calls to officials yielded no change and the temperature began to rise to dangerous levels.

“This is not a witch hunt. What we’re trying to do is get this dog to safety and help this gentleman.

“We really need to review our bylaws. If a dog is contained 24/7 in the heat outside, the humane society can do something about that. However, when it’s in a vehicle, this is a grey area.”

She said an animal rescue group and a Good Samaritan with a dog-friendly apartment for rent have offered to help the dog’s owner.

Global Edmonton has tried on several occasions this week to find the van without success.


Poverty group wants better access to Moncton food banks

WATCH ABOVE: Some Moncton residents are demanding better access to food banks in the area, saying the hours they are open doesn’t meet their needs. Global’s Brion Robinson reports.

MONCTON – A Moncton poverty awareness group says people deserve better access to food banks in the community.

Amanda Pooley speaks for What Kids Need Moncton Inc., a charity group that helps supply children with toys, food and clothing.

Last week, Pooley and other volunteers set up food serving stations around Moncton.

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“We did 19 meals in total from the last Thursday until the final Sunday and we served about 1,500 people,” she said.

That was around the first seven days of the month when food banks traditionally close their doors. That’s because people on social assistance receive payments during that time.

But Pooley says sometimes there still isn’t enough money for them to buy food.

“We’ve certainly become aware that there’s a gap in service and we’re going to try and fill it,” she said.

Natasha Zohou says she goes to the Karing Kitchen soup kitchen once a week to get bread for her friends and neighbours.

She says she would like to use the food banks but she doesn’t have time to go to them during the day while she’s working.

“Even if they opened an hour earlier as opposed to 10 o’clock they opened at nine I find they might help more families and even myself I’d be able to go,” she said.

Ben MacMichael manages the West End Food Bank and says when his food bank closes for an extended period of time clients are notified well in advance.

MacMichael also says people can still get food even when its doors are closed.

“We’ll get food and meet them here at the building if they can make it out here,” he said. “If not I will try to get food and meet them where they’re at.”

He says he would like to see a more centralized system where food banks are working together.

“We want to collaborate with many different organizations in our city to help as many people as possible,” he said.

Liberals in Steveston-Richmond East resign after candidate controversy

WATCH: Allegations of tampering and preventing the Liberal nomination in Steveston-Richmond East came to a head tonight. Catherine Urquhart reports.

Eight federal Liberals in B.C., including the provincial membership chair, have resigned their positions after a candidate was abruptly barred from running for the party’s nomination in Steveston-Richmond East.

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“I put my application forward believing it is an open nomination. Believing it is fair and transparent and it is just. But our right was taken away,” said Wendy Yuan at a rally with supporters on Tuesday.

Yuan, who ran and lost for the Liberals in Vancouver Kingsway in the last two federal elections, had been campaigning for several month against former MP Joe Peschisolido to run for the Liberals in the new electoral district.

But a day before the nomination meeting, Yuan announced she had not been approved by the party’s green-light committee.

“Our faith and our trust has been ignored, and has been taken away,” she said.

In response, B.C. membership chair Mike Hillman resigned from his position, along with the entire executive of the party’s local riding association.

“People told me that the party let Joe’s supporters in the back door, so it only left 10 or 20 seats for the rest of the party members. In the lobby you saw a lot of people not happy. They came here expecting to be part of the nomination,” said Peter Xie, who resigned as riding president.

The Liberal Party would not comment on the specific reason Yuan had been banned, only saying the process was more rigorous than previous elections.

WATCH: Good Samaritan saves little boy hanging by his neck off balcony in China

***WARNING: The above video contains images which may be disturbing to some viewers. Discretion is advised.***

A 3-year-old boy was rescued by a brave resident in Qingdao City, east China‘s Shandong Province, from falling through a fourth-floor window, on Sunday.

The neighbors were stunned when they heard the boy crying and found him hanging by his head from the window’s iron bars. His body was dangling for sometime, but later he became unconscious and stopped moving.

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At first, a young man risked his life and climbed through the side of the building in order to reach out to the boy as fast as possible. However, since the window was too high up, he couldn’t reach as fast as he had anticipated.

In the meanwhile with all the outside noise, 53-year-old Duan Guangzhi woke up from his sleep.

On realizing the situation, he ran bare foot and without even a shirt to the third floor apartment, and started making efforts to break open the window bars.

After several attempts, Duan finally succeeded. Holding on to the side of the building, he continued to hold on to the boy up from his feet for about eight minutes.

“The accident happened so suddenly, and I didn’t think too much. Many ladies were so scared that they even started crying. Our men have strong ability so we rushed to the scene. Every minute counts and no negligence could be allowed in that situation,” said Duan.

The neighbors finally located the boy’s father who then pulled him inside.

The boy was sent to hospital immediately, though was released soon after on good health.

In all he commotion, Duan didn’t realize how he hurt his foot while pushing the window bar and he saw the swelling only a day after the accident.

As it turns out, the boy managed to climb onto the security window while playing and that’s how he got stuck in between the window bars.

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Harper pledges to track foreign property ownership

WATCH: Before he left Vancouver, Harper used the backdrop of Canada’s most expensive city to make some promises about real estate. He says he’ll raise the amount first time home buyers can withdraw from their RRSPs to $35,000 and he’ll look at how foreign buyers are influencing the market, and driving up prices. Robin Gill reports.

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    Foreign ownership controversy

    BIV: CMHC report on condo foreign ownership

  • Is a fresh condo boom coming in Toronto and Vancouver?

VANCOUVER — A re-elected Conservative government would spend half a million dollars next year to figure out just how many foreign investors have eaten up condos and homes across Canada, many of them sitting empty year-round.

The spending Stephen Harper promised Wednesday could ultimately lead to strict rules about what kinds of homes — existing or new — foreign investors are allowed to own.

Harper suggested that the Tories were ready to work with the provinces to make sure that foreign, non-resident investors only buy homes that ensures the “availability and affordability of homes for Canadians.”

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Campaign material provided by the Conservatives pointed to rules in other countries that force foreign investors to only purchase homes under construction, or to limit home ownership for foreign nationals to just the time that they live in the country.

“There are real concerns that foreign, non-resident real estate speculation is the reason some Canadian families find house prices beyond their budgets,” Harper said at an event in Vancouver, the urban skyline looming behind him.

“If such foreign non-resident buyers are artificially driving up the cost of real estate, and Canadian families are shut out of the market, that is a matter we can and should do something about.”

About 15 per cent of the condo market in Vancouver sits empty year-round by some estimates, with the owners sitting on the properties hoping to make a profit as the prices of homes rise.

The problem is that many of the estimates of the concentration of home ownership are just that, estimates, because governments haven’t historically tracked the level of foreign investment in Canadian markets, Harper said.

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Harper said there are serious concerns that foreign investment is making home ownership unaffordable for many Canadians.

A home is the biggest investment and asset for many Canadians, he added, which is why a re-elected Conservative government would ensure more of them can realize the “dream” of home ownership.

Those rapidly rising costs of homes in places like Vancouver have raised concerns of a housing bubble in Canada’s hot housing market.

The Bank of Canada has issued warnings about the risks of a housing correction due to overvalued real estate market in some areas, suggesting prices are overvalued between 10 and 30 per cent, but it has maintained the sector is likely headed for a soft landing.

Last month, the central bank said the robust housing markets in B.C. and Ontario — in terms of both resale activity and new construction — were a result of rising demand whipped up by “historically low” interest rates.

The bank’s latest monetary policy report also identified foreign investors among the groups fuelling the strong market in those regions.

Harper also promised to raise the amount first-time home buyers can take out of their registered retirement savings plans for a down payment — $35,000, up from the current $25,000 limit.

“Home ownership is good for Canadian families, it’s good for Canadians communities, and it’s good for the Canadian economy, which is why our government believes in helping Canadians achieve it,” he said.

More than 2.7 million Canadians have withdrawn money under the program from their retirement savings plans to help pay for their first home.

Expanding the withdrawal limit will cost the federal government an extra $30 million per year in lost taxes starting in the 2017-18 fiscal year, the Conservatives say.

Harper was scheduled to travel to Edmonton later Wednesday for a rally.


BMW owns and has no plans to give it up to Google

TORONTO – It seems Google should have done some more Googling when it came to picking a name for their new holding company, Alphabet Inc.

On Monday, Google announced a radically different operating structure under the new name that would separate its well-known web companies — like its search engine, YouTube, and Chrome — from its research and investment divisions.

READ MORE: Google to be part of new holding company called ‘Alphabet’

But turns out, BMW operates a fleet service by the name of Alphabet. The auto maker also owns the domain Alphabet杭州桑拿 and reportedly has no plans of giving it up to Google.

Alphabet chose as the URL for its domain – a choice that proved very popular with the tech crown online.

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According to Business Insider, BMW is already looking into whether there are any trademark implications with Google’s new identity; however, a company spokesperson noted there are currently no plans to take legal action against the tech giant.

But BMW isn’t the only business that might take issue with the tech giant’s new name.

Both Bloomberg and The New York Times pointed out that many of small and midsize companies use the name Alphabet. There is even an Ohio-based company that uses the name Alphabet Inc.

Alphabet doesn’t even have control of the @alphabet 桑拿会所 account – the account belongs to Cleveland, Ohio, resident Chris Andrikanich.

Andrikanich’s account was inundated with tweets following Monday’s announcement. His follow up tweet which read, “Well, that was an interesting way to end a Monday…,” garnered over 7,000 retweets.

The 桑拿会所 user has since changed his bio to read, “I’m not affiliated w/ Google/Alphabet Inc.”